Goldex Plastics Co. continues its production with more than a quarter century of its own design by combining its extensive experience in production band with first class plastic raw material produced in special molds. With the slogan “Practical Solutions for Your Home”, Goldex Plastics creates a big difference in the sector with its products designed taking customer expectations into consideration.

Thanks to its extensive sales team and dealer network, Goldex Plastics, with its expert staff and experienced employees, is able to easily deliver many different products produced from its factory located at Dilovası, Kocaeli to its customers in Turkey and all over the world.

With its 27 years of production knowledge and with the certificates it have received during this period, Goldex Plastics has proved that it produces all kinds of products in accordance with quality standards and all kinds of conditions that protect human health.
Functinality & New Designs
By always keeping customer satisfaction on the foreground, we offer new designs for our products in terms of functionality, ease of use and less cost.
R&D And Production
With our investments in production, quality control and packaging stages, we accelerate the production band and bring new designs to our customers.
Order & Shipment
You can easily send your requests to Goldex Plastics Co. by completing the order form.
Perfection In Every Field!
Perfection in safety, health and environmental sensitivity.
High Quality, Low Cost!
Continuous development to produce high quality products at affordable costs.
Customer Focused Production!
Focus on customer satisfaction, quality and reliability.
Order Now!
Our orders are wholesale and parcel-based.
Please contact us for our retail points.
We use premium grade raw materials to ensure the stability and durability of our products.
Our products are certified by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and their human health protective feature have been proved by the Food Safety Certificate.
It has been proven with the Tuv Certificate that the products we produce and the production stage does not harm the environment.
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