We use premium grade raw materials to ensure the stability and durability of our products.

Our products are certified by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock and their human health protective feature have been proved by the Food Safety Certificate. It has been proven with the Tuv Certificate that the products we produce and the production stage does not harm the environment.
Information on the raw materials we use: PPRC (Random Copolymer): PP is a semi-rigid, transparent, easily formable, economical polymer produced by polymerization with the help of propylene ZIEGLER-NATTA Catalyst. The chemical resistance of PP is good but is influenced by chlorine, nitric acid and other strong oxidizers. Although being resistant to visible light rays, UV rays distrupts the surfaces of materials made of PP. It can be set fire, but it burns slowly. It’s not toxic. It has a good heat resistance when properly modified.

PPRC’s most important feature distinguished from the derivatives is that it can be used in plumbing as well as hot water installation and hot plate welding.